Test Drive: Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TSI 4×4: as spacious as it can be…

So far, we had never tested the Skoda Kodiaq, a prominent member of the Volkswagen Group large SUV family. Its recent facelift was a good opportunity to discover it. 650,000 Kodiaqs were sold in just five years! With this car, it is fair to say Skoda contributes heavily to the SUV segment success, despite prices that are no longer as keen as they used to be. However, Skoda always comes up with clever solutions… bringing a little something that changes everything!


Spotting the changes the Kodiaq got for its fifth birthday is not easy. Headlights with optional LED matrix lighting are sharper, bumpers evolved slightly and the grille is now more upright, not to mention the upper spoiler on the tailgate. All these changes are enhanced by the Sportline finish of our test car. Inside, the new steering wheel- shared with the brand’s more recent models-  is immediately noticeable, as is the fully digital dashboard on this top-of-the-range version. It allows you to personalise the display according to your desires… We are happy the climate controls are still good old- school, simple, mechanical ones and not electronic. Finally, the seats are also new! On the Sportline version they are comfortable bucket seats that are close to being perfect for us.


I like it

Once aboard the Kodiaq  the feel good factor is real. The 2.0l- 190 hp engine certainly contributes to it. There’s always enough power on hand and tackling difficult road conditions won’t be a problem knowing the car is four-wheel drive. A 245 HP RS version is available but knowing the size and weight of this SUV, it’s hard to understand its purpose and positioning, apart from showing off and telling your neighbours you splashed a lot of money on it. The 7-speed robotised gearbox is perfectly suited to this petrol engine and Skoda claims it can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h  in just 7″5 secs.


Quite clever

Once comfortably seated behind the wheel, you realise this Skoda is very user-friendly and rear seat passengers enjoy loads of space. This is one of Skoda’s strengths ; its cars invariably offer more interior space and volume than its competitors as they are pitched between two market segments. A third seat is available as an extra and boot space varies between 835 and 2065 litres depending on the rear seat configuration. Perfect for removals!


I don’t like it

Some of the less visible plastic trims inside are definitely low-key and look definitely out of place in a car that costs a whopping € 59,000! The range starts from € 50,145 and seems completely at odds with Skoda’s image and DNA.


Why I buy it

As we said, this Kodiaq is a real mile- muncher with real comfort, a perfect driving position and a drivetrain that ensures a serene motoring experience. The recent facelift puts it back in the spotlight and, as ever with Skoda, there are loads of details that really set it apart : the door edge protection, the umbrella in the driver’s door, the double-sided trunk lining, the small additional glove box or the  integrated torch in the boot. Finally, interior space is quite breathtaking, both in the rear seats and in the boot. The Kodiaq is really hard to fault it in this respect.


Why I don’t buy it

Weighing 1750kg in running order, the Kodiaq is no featherweight! It uses the 190bhp offered by the 2.0 petrol engine and there’s a price to pay : fuel consumption during our test (420km) was 10.5l/100km. Of course, we will never drive with an egg under the right pedal but this only proves, once again, that a diesel engine is still the best choice with large SUVs. And please, don’t even mention plug-in hybrid… Even though some well-hidden elements are well below par quality wise, especially for what the Kodiaq retails for, the 2022 Skoda is simply clever for those who need a seven seater…  Provided you pay the price!

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