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Test drive: Dacia Jogger: lovely jubbly


No, it’s not yet the hybrid version of Dacia’s seven-seater that we tested for a week. But we did take advantage of the new logos and a new colour that suits it perfectly to find this vehicle with unbeatable value for money. Whether it’s taking the kids and their friends to their favourite activities, moving the mother-in-law’s buffet or simply going on holiday with weapons and luggage, the Dacia Jogger is always there.

At the recent Paris Motor Show, Dacia introduced the brand’s new visual identity. A new logo appeared across the entire range, along with new dealerships identity and colors. The new logo is called Dacia Link: a streamlined D and C linked like the links in a chain, symbols of robustness and simplicity. The white logo can easily be identified from a distance, giving the whole range a much stronger image.

I like it

When we borrowed this Jogger, the request was clear: we wanted it in the new Lichen Kaki shade, a  green hue that Dacia says is reminiscent of moss and earth. It is a €500  extra and the range’s very first so-called opaque color available. According to the brand’s marketing people, it underlines Dacia’s closeness to nature and its elements, on top of being mica-free, which implies a simpler color formulation, and thanks to its ‘non-metallic’ appearance, devoid of shiny flakes, Dacia emphasizing these characteristics and the fact that it’s less prone to let dirt on it visible. Eventually, the Jogger gets a new stance on the road, with its black wheels.

Quite clever

We mentioned the particularly impressive interior space earlier on, but we can also brag about the engine and running gear which ensure a safe handling at all time. We had great fun behind the wheel of the Jogger, taking advantage of its lightness, its well laid-out controls and the relative liveliness of its engine. On top of that, it’s great not to have to listen to the usual « safety » warning bells going on all the time. There’s nothing wrong with simplicity !

I don’t like it

The gearshift action is not the most engaging one and interior fit and finish could be better.  However, the whole package feels quite modern, even more so if you remember the first Romanian cars sold here. Soundproofing isn’t the best either, and the third row extra seats often make themselves heard on uneven surfaces. However, you soon get used to these niggles.

Why I buy it

When Dacia first appeared on the Belgian market, yours truly found it hard to believe that any European citizen would ever consider buying a Dacia,  if they were even remotely interested in cars. Since then, things move on  in leaps and bounds and Dacia is now THE private buyers’ favorite brand for people who are unable to finance a German or French car, as prices soared so high. We spent a most enjoyable week with the Jogger, thanks to its outstanding interior space, its engaging and pleasing looks- its appearance having been further enhanced by the new 2023 range styling. Of course, the stingiest of us would tell you that even Dacia prices rose, but not as sharply as some of its  competitors.

Why I don’t buy it

The Jogger TCe 110 we tested starts from €21,690. Extras like the Media Nav costs €520, the City Plus Pack €370 and the heated front seats €320… still pretty affordable prices. If you opt for the 7-seater version, bear in mind that the seats are relatively heavy and bulky, so you won’t be juggling the boot and seats every day. What’s more, soundproofing could be better, something to bear in mind if you mainly use the Jogger on the motorway. At the end of our 736 km test, driven mostly in Eco mode, average fuel consumption was 7.2 l / 100 km. (Translation: Dimitri Urbain)

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