On its 160th birthday, Opel’s museum offers enthusiasts a virtual tour!

Opel was created back in 1862 and the brand produced various things before assembling cars and trucks. On its 160th birthday, Opel now offers a new, free of charge, virtual tour highlighting the major events of Opel’s history. This completes the museum virtual visit available since 2021. The various  themes being the Roaring Twenties, the car for all, rallying and alternative propulsion.


From sewing machines and bicycles to the brand’s iconic models, everything is accessible from the comfort of your living room. This 360° tour concept allows you to discover the evolution of the company and how it adapted itself over the years. You can check the five-seater or “quintuplet” bicycle designed for Adam Opel’s sons or the brand’s very first car, the 1899 Patentmotorwagen “System Lutzmann”.


50 years of electric Opels

Another section of the museum highlights the Elektro GT. Based on the Opel GT, a kind of “mini Corvette” for Europe, the car set various records at Hockenheim in the early 70s.  Closer to us, the Ampera was a forerunner of the current brand’s electric range. Such a visit is also an opportunity to look back at the brand’s rich sporting heritage. Something not to be missed!


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