An Aston Martin DB5 for budding James Bond!

James Bond and the Aston Martin DB5 ? They are synonym with one another. Christmas is upon us…  here’s something for young fans of the famous secret agent. The Little Car Company just released a scale electric version for spoiled children.

The Light Car Company Aston Martin DB5 is two third the size of the original. It is aimed at wealthy enthusiasts wishing to share their passion for cars with their children. The “No Time to Die Edition” is powered by an electric motor and reaches a 72 km/h top speed!

The “Little Car Company” was created in 2019. It creates children’s cars made in collaboration with the most prestigious manufacturers. Each car is handmade and therefore considered as an “official” one. The company is located at Bicester Heritage, a former World War II airfield which has brought together a whole range of classic car specialists for the past eight years. These luxury items follow the tradition of Bugatti Babies that allowed the wealthiest owners to share their passion with their offspring. The Light Car Company wants to inject some of the magic of the original version into each of its creations. And… every buyer becomes a member of the exclusive Little Car Club for life! The DB5 James Bond is the brand’s third project, following the recreation of the Bugatti 35 Baby (for the brand’s one hundred and tenth anniversary) and the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa J.

Each car will be produced in collaboration with Aston Martin, featuring its own chassis number and authentic monograms!

A complete range

Following the Newport Pagnell tradition, the LCC DB5 Junior is available as a ‘DB5’ and a ‘DB5 Vantage’. These electrically- powered machines are scaled down to exactly two-thirds of an original size.  The former has a single 1.8 kWh battery linked to a 5 kW motor. The latter offers doubled power and battery capacity. On top of that, the Vantage version even boasts a limited slip differential, no less! And in addition to the ‘novice’ and ‘expert’ driving modes common to both versions, the most powerful also features a ‘Vantage’ mode.

As with the real thing, budding James Bond can use guns hidden in the front headlights. Here, of course, there are no bullets; just a special device that creates noise and smoke.

No Time to Die Edition

Good old Mister Q took a long look at the Vantage version… It evolved into the ‘No Time to Die’ version, which is being marketed to coincide with the release of the latest James Bond movie. This time, there is enough power to get to illegal speeds on dad’s estate lanes : 16 kW power, no less than four 1.8 kWh batteries and a 72 km/h top speed! A real pedal-powered supercar… Here, the “Vantage” driving mode gives way to an “Escape” mode, obviously Her Majesty’s Service could not have settled for less. The car features model guns (sold without any bullets, of course… they only produce smoke and noise), rotating number plates and the same software that was used to create the plates of the car in the film was used here too.

Just like the real 007’s DB5, the number plates rotate, and the dummy exhaust blows a smoke screen behind the car to get away from villains.

It is even possible to customise them, of course.  A smoke screen takes place in the exhaust. There’s enough smoke to get the screen on for an hour… and disappear for good. In addition, a skid mode allows the 007 kid to get out of the tightest spots as quickly as possible and… steer clear of any vilain. All these accessories are run from a special switch box located in the door panel that can easily be hidden. Compared to the real Bond DB5, this is a convertible and not a coupe… the ejector passenger seat is not included. Which is obviously much less dangerous!

The gadget control box is hidden in the door panel, Mister Q wouldn’t have done better.

Exclusivity has a price…

These highly exclusive hand-made DB5 Juniors start at just over € 41,000 in base guise.  The Vantage is available from € 53,000 and the even more powerful No Time to Die Edition retails from €106,000! Excluding taxes and transport costs, obviously. The Little Car Company only allows purchasers to get three cars ; it’s bound to make things more complicated for some royal families… However, don’t delay too much :  production will be limited to just 1059 examples, like the original DB5. Obviously, these “toys” are officially sanctioned by Aston Martin. Each one gets authentic monograms, Silver Birch paintwork, Smiths clocks – including an authentic DB5 watch- and its own chassis number.

The dashboard is a faithful recreation of the DB5’s: Smiths instruments, an identical watch and a steering wheel made of mahogany and aluminium!

The leather interior is available in a range of colours and the steering wheel blends mahogany and aluminium. The front bonnet and boot lid open in exactly the same way as the real DB5’s. Braking uses discs on all four wheels and a hydraulic parking brake is also fitted. The front suspension uses double wishbones, while the rear rigid axle is featured too, as well as the Panhard rod. To celebrate Aston Martin‘s latest technological advances, the lithium-ion batteries can be replaced and brake energy recovery is standard. If the price leaves you cold and speechless, the workmanship quality will make  all enthusiasts dream!

Each car receives an authentication ID plate.

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